Some good news from the ACT test

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There are some exciting and innovative changes coming to the ACT! Beginning in September of 2020, students will have many more test friendly options to taking this popular alternative to the SAT.

  • The Superscore – This long overdue option is perhaps the most exciting. Starting in September, the ACT will now provide the option of reporting a “superscore” of all 4 test sections taken over multiple tests. (Superscoring is the process of averaging your four best individual subject scores from all ACT test attempts to find your highest score.) Once a student takes the full ACT once, they can ask to have any future scores reported as superscores.
  • Single section retakes – A related common-sense innovation is that the ACT will allow for single section retakes. Got a great score in reading but want to improve your score in science or math? You won’t have to retake the whole test anymore, putting your earlier high score in the other sections at risk. This will not only allow specific focus to be put on the areas where improvement is most needed, but practically it will save students (and parents!) time and money.
  • Digital testing – How would you like to get your test scores in two days versus the agonizing weeks it takes under the current system? Starting in September, there will be an online testing option in addition to the old paper test, allowing students who are more comfortable testing in a computer environment that option. And did I mention scores (on multiple choice sections) in two days?

All in all, the ACT is making dramatic steps toward better serving its students. It is making testing and retesting easier, allowing students to receive their scores more quickly and submit those scores at a lower cost. ACT is leading the way toward a better testing experience – hats off!

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