Covid-19 plans: SAT, Tutoring, Homework Help

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News has come down that the Olympia School District is closing down classes through at least late April in order to help slow the community transmission of the novel coronavirus/COVID-19. Since my work with students is closely aligned with their educational goals predominately in this and nearby districts, I want to alert you to my plans during this time.

For tutoring and homework help, I will offer live online tutoring for all current students and will open up extra spots to help new students who want to maintain or strengthen current skills. I’ll be using the Zoom online platform, which in addition to a number of innovative tools allows for the recording of each session, which can be an added bonus as they can be re-watched by your student.

For APEX students, using the same method, I can assist with advancing students through their curriculum or continue to tutor their online classes. For current APEX students I do not anticipate a disruption to our schedule at all.

For SAT classes, we will also use a group Zoom meeting, which again has the value-add of recording each class and being able to review material offline. Although the March SAT for 3/14 has been cancelled locally, no announcements have been made with respect to the May and June SAT sessions and we will prepare for those. Also, I encourage students to register for the ACT which is offering online testing starting in September.

Thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve your families and work with your students! Please contact me here with any questions.


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